The Grant Application and Award is a process established for coaches and staff to submit requests for financial assistance for equipment and supplies that supports that athletic programs at Boulder High School.


The following is the criterion for awarding grants:

  • Overall Need:  Does awarding the grant fill an important and vital need?  Does it address areas like basic needs, safety, performance or competitive parity?

  • Number and/or Varity of Impacted Athletes:  Does the grant provide value to a large number of athletes?  Does awarding the grant provide support and provide assistance to a varity of programs?

  • Lasting Value:  Will awarding the grant provide a lasting value to athletes and BHS athletics?

  • Fundraising Efforts:  Have all other funding options been exhausted prior to submitting this request?

  • Established Precedent:  Is the awarding of this request something the Panther Club has supported in the past?  Is this something the Panther Club will continue funding in the future (if applicable)?

Panther Club is proud to support the needs of our student-athletes.  If you are interested in knowing how the funds have been distributed, please click on the following links as to equipment and/or supplies purchased with Panther Club funds.

FALL 2016



We are pleased to present the Fall 2019 Panther Club Grants!

FALL 2015






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