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Annual Grants


$80,000 Granted to teams after Pantherfest 2022! 

The Panther Club awards grants to help Boulder High School's CHASSA sports teams, athletic clubs, and spirit organizations purchase much-needed equipment and supplies. These annual grants are funded from the proceeds of the annual Pantherfest gala and other fundraising efforts. 

The 2022 Pantherfest gala was a fantastic success! From the proceeds, $80,000 was granted to teams.

Pantherfest 2022 Grants

2022 Pantherfest Grants

How Are Grants Awarded?

Coaches and athletic department staff can apply for grants which are then evaluated and awarded by the Panther Club's Grant Committee each Fall. Emergency requests can also be submitted throughout the year for consideration.


Grant Award Criterion  

  • Overall need: Does awarding the grant fill an important and vital need? Does it address areas like basic needs, safety, performance or competitive parity?

  • Number and/or varity of impacted athletes: Does the grant provide value to a large number of athletes?  Does awarding the grant provide support and provide assistance to a varity of programs?

  • Lasting value: Will awarding the grant provide a lasting value to athletes and BHS athletics?

  • Fundraising efforts: Have all other funding options been exhausted prior to submitting this request?

  • Established precedent: Is the grant request something the Panther Club has supported in the past?  Is this something the Panther Club will continue funding in the future (if applicable)?

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