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Want to double your Panther Club donation?


There are a number of companies, from Fortune 500 to local businesses, that match employee donations. Any direct donations to Panther Club a money spent at the Pantherfest silent auction, can qualify for matching grants.


Many local companies have already matched contributions to Panther Club. ​For example, at Google in 2022, employees can give $400 to non-profits they choose AND can get their individual donations matched 1:1. Panther Club is already registered with several matching programs, so it's as easy as submitting donations through the company's employee giving page.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I submit a matching grant from my company?

For questions regarding your company's programs, contact your employer's HR or community giving department or check out your company's intranet.  

How do I register Panther Club with my company's matching grant program?

Many local companies already include Boulder High Panther Club in their list of local non-profits to donate to. Panther Club frequently gets donations paid through Benvity, which is used by many large companies to coordinate payments to non-profits. If you need to register our organization with your employer, please email Elizabeth Riggs and provide a list of what you need to register.

How do I get a receipt for my Pantherfest auction donations?

A receipt for your silent auction purchases was sent to your registered email by Bolder Events. The email is titled "7th Annual Pantherfest Receipt." 


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