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Baseball and Bat


Welcome to Panther Club Membership

Are you passionate about supporting our athletes and fostering a thriving sports community at Boulder High? Look no further – you've found your place at the Panther Club! Our members value community engagement and understand the importance of coming together to uplift and empower our talented athletes.


By becoming a member, you're not just joining an organization – you're becoming an essential part of a community that celebrates dedication, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence. Here's why you should consider becoming a member:


  1. Empower Our Athletes: Your membership directly contributes to providing resources, equipment, and opportunities for our athletes to shine. By supporting them, you're investing in the future of Boulder High Athletics.

  2. Forge Lasting Connections: Connect with the Boulder High community that shares your enthusiasm for sports and involvement. Our club's events and gatherings are perfect opportunities to build relationships while making a positive impact.

  3. Support a Worthy Cause: As busy people, we all know the value of giving back. Your membership fee, or volunteer hours, goes directly toward enhancing the sports experience for our athletes who dream of winning championships for the Panther community.

  4. Stay Informed: Receive regular updates on club activities, athlete achievements, and upcoming events. You'll always be in the know about how your support is making a difference.

  5. Get a Voice and a Vote: When you donate as per our membership levels below, or volunteer your time, you will be eligible to participate on any of the Club’s committees and vote on Club business.


Joining the Panther Club is easy.  You can become an official member of the Panther Club by:

  • Purchasing a ticket to our annual Pantherfest fundraiser,

  • Donating an item worth $50 or more to the Pantherfest silent auction,

  • Gifting $50 directly to the Club (100% tax-deductible), or

  • Volunteering 3 hours of your time at any of our events, fundraisers, or games promoting the Pantherfest or selling swag. 


By doing any one of these you will be granted full voting membership in the club for the following calendar year.


Ready to make a difference? Join up today and be part of something truly special.  Thank you for being a driving force behind our athletes' success! 


Click the button below to contact us about becoming a member or learning more about the Club.

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