Panther Paws Direct Appeal








The Panther Club fall survey revealed that the current parents would like to use a "Direct Appeal" campaign as the central fund-raising method for the 2017-2018 school year. Therefore, the Panther Club is asking that parents/supporters make an on-line donation to the Panther Paws Direct Appeal program by April 18th. Donors can designate one or two sports teams as the recipient of 75% of the donation. The remaining 25% will be used by the Panther Club for funding providing funding for general operations and critical needs which the Athletic Director requests.

Each BHS sport is allocated $500.00 dollars per year  to run their entire sports program at all levels.  Coaches are expected to fund uniforms, equipment, safety items or  other program cost from this allotment or from team fundraisers.  The Panther Club is trying to take the burden off of  each sports program by organizing the Panther Paws Direct Appeal.  Depending on how successful this campaign is will determine items that will be bought by each sport.  Sports will  be able to apply for Panther Club Grants for additional items if needed. Grants will be awarded by the Panther Club Grant Committee. 

  • School wide sports needs include:

    • Balls and nets for several teams.

    • Ball storage racks

    • Weight room improvements

    • Uniforms

  • Specific big ticket items include:

    • Football needs new shoulder pads for better safety

    • Boys Basketball needs new uniforms for lower levels

    • Boys Baseball needs uniform pants

    • Girls Soccer needs new varsity uniforms

    • Girls Softball needs uniforms/equipment to start a JV team

Please click on this donor BuyNow button and make your donation today, as well as sharing the Internet link  with BHS alumni and/or extended family that would like to become part of the Panther Paws tradition.



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